The AWSC office has been hopping with Trail Pass orders – to date we have sold over 2500.  Have you ordered yours yet?  Don’t get caught with your snow pants down – get those passes ordered now!!!

                                Speaking of trail passes – a couple of questions that continue to come into the office.

                                CLUBS CANNOT ORDER TRAIL PASSES FOR THEIR MEMBERS – EACH PERSON MUST PURCHASE THEIR OWN PASSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  OMG with all the information sent out I can’t believe I still have clubs calling for this but I do and it’s been more than one or two!!!

  If someone orders more than one – which pass goes with which sled?  It makes no difference, just put a trail pass sticker on each sled.

What if someone is planning to get a new sled?  When you have that sled ordered or bought, let the office know.  But since the trails don’t open until (Dec 15th) in most areas (if there is snow) I’m guessing you have plenty of time yet to get your registration # and still get a pass before the snow flies!  You cannot pre-order a trail pass for a snowmobile you might buy

  What if I sell my snowmobile what happens to the trail pass?  Well you can either peel it off and throw it out or leave it on the sled, your option.   If you know you are selling then don’t buy a pass for it!
Daily the office receives Trail pass forms that are missing registration #’s – the form will be returned to you to fill out!  Thus delaying your process!!!  Be careful and fill out the form correctly – thank you!!

  AWSC Workshop – Oct 30, 31 & Nov 1, 2015 – The Radisson Paper Valley Hotel in Appleton is our location for this year.