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The N. E. W. Low Buck Vintage Riders
We’re NOT Cheap! We’re Low Buck.


Please visit the club’s Face Book page to see pictures from the “Sick Day 100” ride on Wed. Jan.24th.

The “Real Hot Dog Ride” is on hold and won’t be rescheduled until we get a change in the weather, some cold and some snow and the trails reopen. We’ll see what the weather does. Right now, we don’t know when, if, where it would be. Stay tuned for updates.

MEMBERSHIP RENEWALS: It’s almost SNOW time. That means it’s time to renew our dues and register our sleds. I’ve included an attachment with a membership form. Please print the form, complete and return it along with your payment. Or you can log onto the web site,, and at the top of the home page, click on “Documents” then click on “Membership”. You can print off the form or use the Pay Pal option for your dues. Pay Pal is quick and easy! I will update memberships with the AWSC on Mondays and Fridays. When listed as current with the AWSC, you’ll be eligible to purchase the discounted trail pass for your “super sleds”. Renewals are immediate, new memberships take a day or 2 for the AWSC to process. I’ll send you an email to let you know when you’re current for the 2023/2024 season. Primary Membership in the NEW LBVR qualifies you for the discounted trail pass. Dues are $20 for a family membership and just $8 if you pay your AWSC dues through another club. Now, you can’t do better than that, can you?!  Yes, I will be taking dues at the show too so watch for me. Stop and say “hello!” Please bring a completed membership form along…

          NOTE: Remember trail passes are NOT required on sleds 35 years and older. There is a separate antique/vintage registration program available directly through the DNR on their Go Wild web site. It really is low buck for vintage sledders!

Wisconsin Antique Registrations

Fee: $20 first-time registration; $5 for a 3-year renewal

“Snowmobiles 35 years and older may be registered as antique. Antique registration allows you to operate your snowmobile on any area open to public riding and on private property with the appropriate permission. Snowmobiles registered as antique are also exempt from displaying a snowmobile trail pass. Antique registrations are valid for 3 years, which begins July 1 and expires June 30th three years later. The proof of registration must be carried with you while riding and must be presented to an enforcement officer when requested. Fee: $20. Renewal Fee: $5.”

 The NEW LBVR will definitely plan some club rides & events for the 2024 season. We haven’t got all the details worked out yet but stay tuned for updates on coming events.

SICK DAY 100:  Wednesday, January 24, 2024 .(the 4th Wed. of the month) Contact Jeff, 715-927-5160. Ride will leave from and return to the Ranger City Riders Clubhouse in Amberg. More info TBA  .

HOT DOG RIDE     Saturday, February 10, 2024. Contact Pat, 715-324-6020. Ride details TBA.

CROOKED LAKE CRUISE Friday February 23, 2024 (Tentative date). Contact Ryan, 262-227-4252.

 Please follow the NEW LBVR on Face Book because that’s where updates will be posted first. Info will also be on the web site. We’ll send emails to all who have an email address on file. I will mail letters to those who don’t use email. If you have an idea for a ride or an event, let us know! We’ll help set it up. Always looking for new ideas!

 If you or your business would like to be a show sponsor or donate items for the raffles, please send Pat a message at or call 715-324-6020.







New Me

Watch the Face Book page for all show related updates and information about vintage events near & far. Any questions, give us a call or email


If you have any questions about the trail pass, the AWSC or the club membership, please contact me, I will try to help. Also check the AWSC’s web site for lots of helpful information. Let’s try to help the office out by not bothering them with a lot of questions that can be answered in other ways. The office staff is overwhelmed at this time of the year.  With over 600 active clubs in Wisconsin, you can imagine how hectic that must be.


President: Pat Mullarky – 715-324-6020 /

Vice President: Ryan Oswald – 262-227-4252 /

Secretary / Treasurer / Memberships: Patti Mullarky | 715-324-6020 | or


Dave Rische | 920-334-0099