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300 Enticer (This year's main rider)
« on: January 08, 2012, 10:42:45 PM »
This 81 Enticer 300 was this past summer's project and will be this winter's main rider.

I had a AWSC Director's meeting in Tomahawk this weekend which usually presents itself with riding oppurtunites other than the "home" trails. Normally I am all to happy to ride the trails that are in reach of my front yard, but unfortunately they are currently missing that key ingredient......SNOW!

When I gained knowledge that trails in Lincoln and Oneida counties were recently opened and limited grooming was being done to try to get the most of a about 7 inches of snow. I decided to take a shot and bring the Enticer along. I got to Tomahawk early enough to beat darkness and imediatly pulled the sled off the trailer to try to determine if I would do nothing more than to put the sled right back on the trailer or plan a ride for Saturday. Fortunatly the latter was the case. They're grooming efforts on compacting the limited amount of snow was successful and formed a durable, full coverage base of white that seemed to be holding up despite the unseasonable warm weather. GAME ON!!!

Went out for a Fish Fry Fridaynight and met up with quite a few other AWSC Director's and Reps. and learned that there would be organized rides being planned and lead by local clubmembers to guide the out of town guests such as myself. Yep....its all set, get on the sled by 8:00am to meet up for the guided ride that leaves (from a different hotel than the one I was staying at) promptly for 9:00am.

Here is where the plan had gone bad, about 2 miles from the trailer the Enticer decides NOT to stay running for anything less than full throttle. Upon further inspection the carb was flooding something fierce and now it was time to figure out to get back to the trailer. Which is what I managed to do by leaving the throttle "wide open" as much as possible and we'll just leave it at that. (lol) Now I know I am not going to make the "ride" and had little to do for the rest of the day. I guess I am glad it happened before I met up with the others it spared me a lot of embarassment. Bare in mind this is NOT a vintage ride, these folks have sleds 25 to 30 years newer and four times the horsepower!

So here I sit, I had some tools with me nothing but time so I proceded to disasemble the Enticer's carburator in the hotel parking lot. Turns out the needle and seat were stuck..... Why, because they can? :( 
Put the carb back on the sled did a little tilly twisting while doing laps around the hotel before to long the sled was starting to earn my trust again. Its 10:30am and "what the hell" I'm going for a ride by myself with tools, cell phone and tow rope just in case. The next thing I know I am on what they call the Bearskin Trail heading north and at the Thirsty Whale in Minocqua by noon :)  It was there that I happened to meet up with Ronnie VandenBoogaard and Bill Helphrey (members of our parent club) who happened to be on their "supersleds" and were going on a ride. They asked me if I would like to ride with them, I thought if these guys are crazy enough to ask me to come along I am crazy enough to go for it.

In an effort to make a long story shorter, we went to St. Germain, then Rhinelander. Got back to Tomahawk at 8:30pm with 136 (trouble free) miles on the sleds. We experinced every thing from "good" to "lousy" trails all due to the below average snow fall for sure. Yet it was a very fun day for me and I wouldn't trade the memory for anything.

And now I will ride this Little Blue Enticer any where with confidence!